Dating Advice

from by Houseboat



I think I've seen you around, what's your name?
I'd like to get to know you better, take a walk in the park
Maybe chop off your head, I just don't know anymore.
Hey how 'bout instead, we get some ice cream?
I know this little place, it's a vanilla lover's dream.
Oh baby talk to me, you don't know how much I can eat
Oh baby talk to me, you tantalizing meat.
Coincidentally, it's been said that I'm cold
Well if you're hot I'm mean, if one could be so bold
It's not real, I'm just playing around
Just wanna see those eyes, and hear that sound
Baby deal, this ain't your upper bound
When we get there you'll know, I'm lovin you
One of many ways that I know how
And is it really so bad, to try to love you
At worst you'll have been had, at best there's no one else above you
Baby can't you see, there's nothing wrong inside of me
Baby can't you see, you need someone who's trustworthy
It's a prisoner's problem, not knowing how to react
You gotta see if you like it, have one have a laugh
Bombs away, I want to overwhelm you
Different ways, the peel of your senses continues
Babe, we could have some fun you know
Reach into my closet, and grab that bag of bones


from Very Public Radio, released March 22, 2016




Houseboat Baltimore, Maryland

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