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Tribal Tats 05:08
Hey, so I can't write a song This is just a copy of every Song I've heard I'll throw up a few words See if any of this shit sticks to you Shit sticks to you ... And you, you just gotta brush it off A piglet at the trough The little guy inside all of us What's new is always tough You can get some luck If you keep on try When life gives you hell Learn it for yourself There's no way of knowing what is real So all that you can do Is view What shit sticks to you Shit sticks to you You keep on try
Come on, commit, to being it You can do anything you wanna do You've got the support of my whole damn crew so get on with it I know that it's hard sometimes to endlessly come up with reasons why Why even pursue the truth, well what else are you gonna do You're gonna get tired of scrollin on content, lookin for love and on that day you'll have to generate your own stuff So why not, get a jump on what's tough There's nothing that good about the media Two sides of the coin, the rich wanna control ya distract you and keep you passive while they profit of our bruised asses and furthermore it's toxic shit The internets to sign you in the pits The only thing you can do now, is commit to getting out
Escape 03:33
You're somewhere, forgot how you got there it's 2am It's been a boon good old stardust in the evening light A stillness, so deep, no one can be shown A brightness, so wrought with light that no other light can echo Fast as you can Desert the man Become the land Rough up your hands An easy flowing stream that walks among the streets How strong, how weak can the bedrock be Why you running, if you didn't do nothing Take a break for me I think this is a loop ... Trying not to try so hard Emptying your mind of thought Everywhere you go, we're all part Part of the same Nothing
Labor 03:12
Another week gone by of buttery time and I haven't had a chance to count the ways coarse but fine you stay year by year and day by day yesiree-do-bob I will continue at this job
Cuzurnot 03:42
You, all alone, up inside your room Listening to, doo be doo be doooo You, all alone, staring at your phone Read the news, rack up some views and if you feel like you're the only one Look up Cuzurnot ...(u)... Although, it may be hard to see Your appeal to me, my love is free Even late at night, when you're home alone you have a way to know the endless soul of what you reap and what you so, desperately need (pure being) is here to stay even whenurnot And when it's all said and done I wanna know that I was not just one what a naïve question we're all (oh baby) we're not alone you're not alone


released August 8, 2019

- Mary Dumler, vocals on Track 3
- Chris Bavaro, guitar on Track 5
- Roger Ebacher, flute on Track 3
- Michael Robinson, album art




Houseboat Baltimore, Maryland

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